Coming in just under the wire, here’s my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7th Annual Holiday Contest. For this contest, entrants wrote a children’s holiday story, featuring a surprise, in 250 words or less.



Not a creature was stirring, not even a…

Wait! The mouse was stirring.

And the cat, who chased the mouse across the table…

…past cookies awaiting Santa…

and straight into the glass which held a tooth for The Tooth Fairy.

CRASH! The tooth went flying.

The Tooth Fairy fluttered in. She peered under this and that, flitting from room to room. But no tooth. In the location where her Toothoscope had calculated a tooth deposit, she found…

“Cookies!? Tut tut tut,” chided The Tooth Fairy, “this will never do.”

She scooped the cookies into her tooth box. “This is a dental disaster,” she said.

Just then, who to her wondering eyes should appear?

“Ho ho ho,” called Santa. His twinkling eyes grew wide at the sight of the empty cookie plate. “What’s this? No cookies?!”

“Who are you?” asked The Tooth Fairy.

“I’m Santa Claus, of course!”

“You!” said The Tooth Fairy. “I should’ve known that the king of tooth-rotting candy canes, sugar plums, and peanut brittle would be a cookie connoisseur!”

“Those sweets you slander spread cheer!”

“Those sweets spread tooth decay!” said The Tooth Fairy. “Rotted teeth make terrible fairy dust. Santa, open your mouth and say ‘Aww.’”

“Aww,” said Santa.

“Oh, my,” said The Tooth Fairy.

On Christmas morning, the children scurried downstairs to discover, nestled in their stockings, candy canes and…


The note read:

Keep your sweet tooth jolly. Crunch on candy canes and then brush!


Santa and The Tooth Fairy