It’s that time of year….

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 5th Annual Holiday Contest.

You can read all about it here:

Without further ado, here’s my entry:

Christmas with Kevin the Nanny Bot

(349 words)

Sitting on Santa’s knee at the Super Store Santa Land…

…Kevin the Nanny Bot requested an apron.

“Ho ho hold on, Kevin. Anything else?”

Kevin leaned in toward Santa to share his true wish, but then changed his mind. “Ho ho hopeless.”

“What’s that, Kevin?” asked Santa.

“I mispoke.”

At home, Kevin filled in for the vacationing Cleaning Bot. 

Whirring around the Christmas tree, Kevin vacuumed the floor…

…and the tree.


Kevin hung his robot head. “I’m sorry.”

He was sure they’d never keep him now.

At bedtime, Kevin tucked in Cate and Jonah.

“Hush little robots, don’t make a beep. Kevin’s going to buy you a bot named Meep. And if that tiny Meep won’t work, Kevin’s going to paint you a masterwork.”

The next day, Kevin filled in for the Yard Bot.        

Rolling along the sidewalk, Kevin shoveled snow.

He shoveled the driveway…

…and the yard.


Kevin hung his robot head.

He was sure they’d never keep him now.

At bedtime, Kevin tucked in Cate and Jonah.

“‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the shop, not a robot was beeping, not even Bot Mop.”

That night, with the family fast asleep, Kevin prepared for rest mode.

Then he noticed something: cookies and milk left out!

What would the Cleaning Bot say? Kevin gripped the plate.

“Ho ho hold it, Kevin! Where are you going with my cookies?”

“Santa?! I am the worst robot in the world!”

Kevin hung his robot head.

“Kevin,” said Santa, “you’re not the best at cleaning, shoveling, or remembering holidays. But, as a Nanny Bot, you are a rock star!”

“I am not programmed to identify rocks.”

“We need to adjust your ‘literal’ dial,” said Santa. “Good night.”

Kevin powered down.

In the morning, the kids ripped open their presents. Only one remained.

“It’s for you, Kevin.”

“My apron.”

“What’s wrong, Kevin. Isn’t it what you wanted?”


“Don’t be sad, Kevin. We want you to be happy so you’ll want to stay with us FOREVER.”

“You do?”       


Kevin’s CPU felt warm and tingly. “This must be love.”