Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest is back!

In its fifth year, this contest combines the spooky fun of Halloween with the challenge of writing a short short story – 100 words or less – using the words costume, dark, and haunt.

After you read my 99-word entry below, be sure to head over to Susanna’s site to read all the other spooktacular stories:

And if you want to enter your own story, there’s still time. You have until Friday, October 30!



On the dark porch, Jack’s eyes popped opened. First one. Then the other. He spied witches, goblins, a ghost!

With a tingle, a triangle nose appeared. He inhaled crisp air, wood smoke, and apple cider.

A tickle below. A mouth! Mmm… he could taste candy corn and chocolate. No pumpkin pie, please.

He was alive, and yet he felt hollow…

…until warmth filled his middle. His flame heart glowed, lighting the porch.

Costumed children called, “Trick or treat!”

Jack blazed until the witching hour waned and his flame burnt out.

Silence descended. Drowsy Jack dreamt of all things haunted.