On Monday I visited my daughter’s kindergarten class for their first-ever writer’s workshop. And I’m happy to report, they started by brainstorming ideas.  They talked animals, people, places, and events. In pictures and words, they captured their ideas. One boy drew his mischievous cat, bird in mouth, along with one key word: “NOOOOOO.”

Every story starts with an idea. 

THE BEST and most enjoyable way for generating picture book ideas begins in a matter of days: Tara Lazar’s Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). Every day of November, a fabulous array of writers and illustrators deliver inspiration for idea generation.

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If you participate, you will generate ideas. Boatloads of them. However, and this is important, your internal editor might try to dismiss some of them before you even write them down. Don’t.


I’m not saying every idea will shine like a cut diamond. Mine certainly don’t. But funny thing about ideas, when you let them flow freely, they keep coming. When you put the kibosh on an idea, the others get shy. Truly.

And sometimes the idea that you’re most uncomfortable with, that you want to bat away and call “stupid,” is actually the seed of a story kids need. Because it might be hard to write or it might make you uncomfortable, your instinct might be to squash it. But that story you write just might be a lifeline for a child.

Children are our first and most heart-open readers.

So let the ideas flow. Jot them down on scraps of paper and put them in a jar or type them in a Word file. They just might multiply.

Registration for PiBoIdMo opens October 25. See Tara’s website for more details: http://taralazar.com/piboidmo